At Tilia Builders we believe that strong design sensibility, prudent project management, and high standards of execution lie at the heart of every successful project.

From historical dwellings to modern living spaces, the buildings we call 'home' are more than just an investment - they are the focal point of our domestic lives. In collaboration with our clients, we strive to make these spaces more inviting, more functional, and more efficient to ensure they face the elements and suit your lifestyle for years to come. Like our community, our homes should be built to last.



New Construction

From the abstract to the particular, we have the experience to work with you to put your vision to paper, and transform blueprints to beautiful and functional finished spaces.


Every structure has many possible uses, making renovation some of the most satisfying work we do. Make the transformation and reimagine your space alongside the area’s best designers, managers and builders.

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Whether preserving the state of your heritage building, or restoring it to its historic hay day, we are knowledgeable and methodical in navigating the intersection of historic beauty and modern building codes.


We know how important well-designed outdoor spaces are in an area as beautiful as Lunenburg County. Bring us your dream deck, gazebo or pergola and we will bring it to fruition.